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couples Therapy

Relationships are fundamental to our quality of life, physical and emotional wellbeing.​ Breakdown of trust, intimacy and communication with our partner can have a deeply negative and pervasive impact on all aspects of our lives.


Often it is hard to find the time or the appropriate language to address the recurring patterns that perpetuate disconnection and give rise to complicated conflicts, anger and build-up of resentment.

Issues that may bring couples to therapy are recurring arguments, parenting challenges, mid-life crises, infidelity, addiction, infertility or a particular crisis in the lives of one or both partners. 

Therapy is where both individuals will have their voice heard and the diversity of their experiences explored with compassion and honesty. It is a place where painful experiences, their values and life aspirations can be considered openly, and new ways of relating can be learned.  

As your therapist, I will help you navigate these issues in order to shift the relationship to a different space where each of you can grow as an individual and together as a couple, ultimately developing richer connections in all aspects of  your life. 

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